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Update : 11/06/2008
30 Mètres Plus Yachts

30 Mètres Plus Yachts

30 Mètres Plus Yachts came into existence as a result of the passion for the sea of the inventor, Michael Healey. The last frontier on earth. This is how Mr. Healey imagines this two-thirds of the planets surface. To be shared in a new brotherhood between man and the sea. A cohabitation with the utmost respect for this vast unspoiled natural resource. Mr. Healey follows in the footsteps of all the past visionaries.

With 30 Mètres Plus Yachts, You are assured of a state of the art, completely new, yacht facility : An investment of many millions of euros and the experience of highly qualified professionals.
At the begining of the twenty first century, the search started... The objective, to find a suitable site to construct the ultra-modern facility for the fabrication of yachts up to 100 meters in lenght. Mr. Healey selected the historical city of Rochefort sur Mer, France.
The enormous project takes form.

The design of the facility is awarded to the architectural and engineering firm Michel Picard DPLG, Paris, France. The creation of a superb building in the style that has made their international reputation, follows.