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Update : 11/06/2008
Our concept

Nature is our guide

From the moment, you take possession of your new yacht, you inhabit a new world. A completely natural and ecological world. Free from pollution. A new start for you and your family. The totally natural yacht. This simply means synthetic products, chemicals, paints, glues, putties, dyes, ect... are replaced. Natural, untreated, ecologically friendly, recyclable products take over, with respect for nature.
The large sealed engine room compartment is conceived to evolve with each advance in technology. At present, the propulsion is already totally electric. The numerous batteries, charged by solar panels, permits all port manoeuvres to be accomplished without back up generators.
The electric requirements for the yacht are subject to the owners level of commitment to reduce unnecessary energy expenditures.
LED lighting, solar hot water, solar powered electronics, waterless toilets, sophisticated hull insulation, will make this objective obtainable.